Mill Valley Summer 5 on 5 League – Registration and Information


Dirt Bowl Mill Valley SUMMER 2018 Registration, Click Here



Welcome to year 18( I can’t believe it is year 18!).

Witness the magic of Dirt Bowl

Dirt Bowl Summer Info

We will group the kids by age group.

All Boys and Girls from Kindergarten thru 8th grade.


Where are games played?
-Tamalpais High School Ruby Scott gym and outdoor courts

How are teams chosen
-I try my best to put kids on teams with their friends and or school

Are these games full court or half court?
-Full Court, five on five.

When are the 5 on 5 games played?
-Saturdays: June 16,23,30
July 14,21,28

Aug 4  (3 on 3 tournament)

Will the kids receive uniforms?
-Each will receive a Jersey to wear for games. All must be returned at the end of season.

Are there separate Girls and Boys teams?
-Yes and no. Most teams are gender specific, but if you have friends of the other gender, they can play together.

Who does the officiating?

Do you keep score?
-No, it is all about fun.

What Grades are the kids that play?
K thru 8th grade

* Teams and leagues are structured based on grade level.

* K thru 2nd grade play on 8 foot hoops.



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